A heritage city. Once a part of the old Pueblo or town of Bulakan, as its district became the center of trade and commerce in Central Luzon. During the 18th century, many Chinese merchants went to Malolos travelling by sea from Manila BAy. But in 1673, due to the rapid increase of population and the districts wealth, Malolos was created as an independent Pueblo.
         From the time Malolos had an ancient Chinese name "Li-Han", where leaders bore the title "GAT-SALIHAN" or GATCHALIAN (derived from Gat sa Li-han) up to the time when if became the capital of the short-lived Philippine Republic, Malolos had been the venue of many convening patriots and heroes as embedded in our country's history. Here, the famous women of Malolos was cited by no less than Dr.Jose Rizal for their unusual courage and intelligence in their struggle for the rights to education. It is the home of the Philippine Republic, more commonly known as the Malolos Republic. It was where the Malolos Congress convened on September 15,1898, and drafted and approved the first democratic constitution in Asia, The Malolos Constitution. That constitution was signed on January 22, 1899 and was formally established with the proclamation of First Philippine Republic in January 23, 1899 with Gen.Emilio Aguinaldo as its President.
         These are the historical events that transpired in Malolos, which compel our present batch of young and dynamic leaders to launch programs that aim to match our ancestor's esteemed heritage.
In addressing the need for pro-active, responsive inter-active and dynamic legislation, the Sangguniang Panlungsod shall develop a process and system of E-legislation for an effective mechanism of communications that compliments with the initiatives of local chief executives and people's participation in governance.
     This also serves as a feedback mechanism for the citizenry, for research and studies and data information gathering of the local communities.
It will ensure the protection and development of the people of the City of Malolos through a visionary legislation. It becomes a measure of transparency and accountability of city government.



A transparent, efficient, proactive, responsive, dynamic and God-fearing Sanggunian crafting policies that promote and ensure a just, humane, peaceful and progressive city and protects the rights and privileges of its citizens.


  • 1. To give fast and efficient service to its citizens
  • 2. To enact resolutions and ordinances that will promote and ensure the general welfare of the people and will foster a society wherein people can pursue their dreams, freely express their faith and live in peace and with harmony
  • 3. To encourage the involvement and participation of the citizen in the running of the government through policies and means that will enable them to freely express their views and sentiments to issues and governmental acts which directly affects them
  • 4. To be impartial, proper and trustworthy in reality and in appearance in order to enhance the confidence of the people to their Sanggunian.